Friday, May 20, 2011

A quack free week

Last weekend (05/14/11) we decided that we needed to ditch the ducks with my dad. They were only 3 weeks old, but they were already too big to spend all their time in a dog crate/IKEA drawer. Also, they were just flat out too messy/smelly for such a small space.

Because they are still young, my dad and siblings fashioned a multi-dog crate system to help ease them into being outside. Last night (05/19/11) was their first night outside, and when he checked on them at midnight Sir Francis Drake was swimming around.

The light in the first photo was intended to give them a source of heat at night, but unfortunately Maddy was in charge of buying a new light bulb after the old one burned out and she purchased a CFL. In her defense, it is almost impossible to buy a light bulb that isn't a CFL, and incandescent light bulbs were pretty much before her time.

Life for us has been much easier since they left! The chickens poop a lot, but are still far less demanding than the ducks.

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