Thursday, May 5, 2011

Their Splash Time is our Trash Time

The ducks are messy. They love water and shitting so much that the minimum cage cleaning requirement is at least once a day. We like to do this at night so that we can go to bed knowing that everyone is clean, dry and taken care of. The cover of darkness also helps us get a big plastic tub of sodden pine shavings to the dumpster without raising the eyebrows of our neighbors. Of particular concern is the elderly Chinese couple downstairs who already have a distaste for us, but who I'm sure have a great taste for pekin duck.

So while we make the daily trek down to the dumpster the ducks get a quarter filled bath tub to splash around in. The pleasure they get from the water may motivate them to dirty their space more quickly if they ever make the connection between cleaning and bath time. Luckily, as cute as they are, they are still ducks, a species which I don't believe has the hope of grasping that sort of logic


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